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Having an amazing logo is important to help attract new customers. It will be beneficial to your business & help you have a prominent branding.
It is a proven fact that several times, people will remember seeing a cool logo of a company that provides what they need! Ever liked logos of big brands? What makes a logo of Mcdonald's, Apple or any other known brand so popular? The answer to your question is its distinctiveness.
If your logo stands out from the rest, it will do the job for you by making your brand unique and memorable. We at 10 Dumbs Inc. ensure that we don't just make a logo but help you build a unique brand.



Without prior research everything fails! It is important to know what's trending.

Record Client Needs!

Once we are done with our research, our designers are all set to understand what our client needs. Here we know the client & who is their target audience. YES, the discussions here play a crucial role.

Sketch, scribble and iterate

We are now all set to sketch our initial ideas. Sketching helps us work on initial ideas. Once we finalize the ideas, we then present it to our client.


This is mostly final tweaks. As we make sure that we have achieved what our client had expected.


Once the logo's finished, all the required formats are made available to the client. Happy to deliver!


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