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Welcome to the world of internet & digital marketing. We have a whole new defination, "All you need is food, clothing, shelter & internet". While internet plays an important role in our day to day life, digital marketing is on the rise. Social Media Optimization (SMO) has been a growing area of importance for business owners over the last several years. With people constantly using social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, SMO has become a cornerstone of successful digital marketing campaigns.
SMO is all about a perfect alliance between search engine optimization and social media. Today, SMO ensures a strong presence on the Web. It is cost effective & can reach to masses in a shorter period of time effectively. You can track the entire process & can rework on the strategy further maximizing return on investment.
10 Dumbs Inc. is a Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai that offers effective and strategic social media optimization (SMO) service. Our aim is clear, it is to multiply your profits. Be ready to witness an increase in brand value, brand visibility, increase in web traffic, attracting new customers & maximizing your reach.

What We Offer

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Online Campaigns

We love to analyze, research & implement. Our strong knowledge about social media optimization and working on strategic campaigns, help us guarantee productive results.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Navi Mumbai

& Instagram Marketing

The fact can't be denied that Facebook & Instagram, today are one of the most powerful & popular social networks. So, we do expertise effective Fb & Instagram marketing. Reach to masses! Bing!

Social Media Marketing Companies in Navi Mumbai


LinkedIn connects you to prospect clients and customers. Help you grow your professional network.
Yeah! Its important for you to be there. Don't worry, we will drive you there.

Social Media Marketing Companies in Mumbai

Social Media
Page Management

Managing your social media pages can sometimes be a tedious job. You always wish to keep your followers udpated about the latest happenings. So let us take care of the same on your behalf.

Social Media Marketing Services in Mumbai

Social Media
Artwork Designing

Let your followers say WOW! We design social media posts for you and post it with keyword rich content. You can now sit back & relax.
Our strategic post will ensure highest ROI.

Social Media Marketing Services in Navi Mumbai


Promoting your brand online is tricky. It should be supported by creative artwork design and well written content. Most importantly, it should reach your target audience. Let us do that.

Social Media Agency in Navi Mumbai

Social Media

Our expert social media team will work closely to ensure that your brand/product reach the right target audience. The campaigns are designed for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and so.

Social Media Agency in Mumbai


Find crucial data to understand how your products/brand is performing. What activities are profitable and which ones need a better approach. All the important data is gathered for you.

Social Media Marketing Services in Mumbai


We help you gather required database which you can utilize later for marketing & promotional activities. Accurate data will help you reach your customers effectively and in less cost.

Social Media Marketing Services in Navi Mumbai


We can analyze the behavior of visitors reaching you online with the help of conversation monitoring. An effective tool for predicting the sales forecasting and how you can improve.

Best Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Online Reputation

Your brand, product or service may not always get an amazing review. Reasons may be many but you need to know how well you can maintain that good reputation on the internet.

Best Social Media Marketing Company in Navi Mumbai


Social Media Influencers can help you reach your target audience in less time and cost. They will promote your brand, product or service in their own creative way.

Top Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai

Campaign Development
and Execution

We design campaigns only after thorough research and analysis. Knowing about every aspect of it, be it business or target customers.

Top Social Media Marketing Company in Navi Mumbai

Social Tracking
and Reporting

Its all about important data in the form of reporting. You can easily track all the social media activities and its effectiveness.

Social Media Optimization Services in Mumbai

and Surveys

Surveys help you solve problems or issues. They are one of the most effective way to get quick solutions. Be it customer support or any other topic.

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