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We are a Packaging Design Agency in Mumbai

With the proven fact that an attractive packaging equals increased sales, companies are now focusing on having a well designed packaging for their products. Think about it : you are in a shopping mall with stacks filled up of different products of different brands and then you are left with deciding which one to opt for. What impacts your decision? A well designed interesting label on a product? Yes! you got it right. Your product's packaging can be a consumer's first point of contact with your product. A lot of factors are to be considered while designing your product packaging. It is design that has to function, it has to protect what's inside, it has to allow for easy storage and distribution. It needs to display information about what it is and draw attention to itself on a shelf full of competing products.

Your product packaging design is one of the most important elements in a successful product launch or re-launch. The most important factors in your brand's personality is conveyed through right fonts, colors and textures. No matter how good your product is, but a poor packaging design will kill it in this competitive market.

With our extensive & in-depth research, we make sure all the important factors are taken care. Our rich experience & focus towards creating a quality output, makes us the first choice in this industry. We are indeed, one of the best packaging design company in Mumbai. Reach us today & let us analyze your requirements.

What We Offer

Food Label Design

Having a right & well designed label on your food product is quite important. Consumers decide to buy it or ignore it on the basis of what they see. Have a creative food lable design.

Boxes and Cartons Design

It is equally important to have an impressive box and carton design. A functional & impressive design will always protect what's inside. Key factor to ensure that your product remains safe.

Product Label Design

Selling your product in this competitive market is no longer a challenge when we are here to help you. Opt for 10 Dumbs Inc. and we will ensure to multiply your product sales with effective package designing.

Product Package Design

Increase your product sales with an attractive packaging. Attract new customers and ensure growth in your product sales with our creative package design service.

Product Package Re-Designing

It is always important to change your product design with time. The trends keep on changing so does the buying pattern of the consumers. Consider product package re-designing with us.

FMCG Product Packaging Design

Having an effective packaging design for fast-moving consumer goods is crucial. It should not only attract the consumers but also function well further ensuring High ROI.


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